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this idea I took from a message board for lady riders. there was a gal there who wanted to quit riding…you could tell she never wanted to , she did it for others not herself. I am sure she won’t come to such a tragic end..but then that is what poetic license is about.
He wanted her to “ride her own”
it was his persistent request.
She didn’t want to make him mad
by refusing to take the test.
A brand new, shiny v rod he bought
for her to cruise upon.
with him she rode side by side
plagued by doubts and fears,
they kept her constant company
along with frustrated tears.
She thought ” with me
there must be something wrong,
the love for the ride,
shouldn’t take so long,”
and wondered if it ever would
find it’s way inside her skin.
That kindled flame that grows to passion
warming your soul from deep within.
Sometimes she tried to tell him
that riding wasn’t meant for her,
How she felt awkward almost numb,
but he would laugh and call her
crybaby or chicken shit,
and just plain dumb
it shamed her so, she wouldn’t quit,
There came a day when her rider’s skill
was put to test on a rain slicked hill,
and as her old man knelt
dripping sorrow by her side,
He cried out,
“Oh Lord forgive me!
Why did I make her ride?”
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